Primary Spanish Award

St John the Baptist has been awarded the PEP Certificate of Spanish. Mallo, our MfL lead, attended the ceremony at the Tomlinson Centre on the 7th...


Dobingo Night

Wednesday was our final Parent Event for the year: Dobingo Night (Hot Dog & Bingo Night). We were joined by many parents, family members, friends...


Lit Festival

Lit Film worked within the Federation, in partnership with other companies such as A Tale Unfolds and First News, to prepare a series of engaging...


Safer Streets Day

This morning was the start of the Safer Streets Scheme. The Safer Streets Scheme was introduced by Hackney Council and offered to 13 schools within...


School Council Leadership Session

A few members of our School Council participated in the Hoxton Citizens Children's Leadership Session on Saturday for their termly meeting....

Message from the Head Teacher

We are delighted to announce FREE SCHOOL MEALS for all our children from 18th April - this is unique in Hackney. Click on the Parent Pages for more information.

Alyson Tyler Head Teacher

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