Art & D.T.

“An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance, whilst also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently.” Gavin Newsom

Miss Singleton

Through the teaching of Art and D.T. at St. John the Baptist Primary School, we aim to provide a well-rounded and diverse education. Art allows children to ignite their inner creativity and gives them avenues to express their thoughts, feelings and understandings in new and exciting ways. Art education has been directly linked to gains in maths, writing, reading and other subject areas as well as deepening their cultural understanding of the world around them. Our hope, through our exciting arts program, is to develop culturally aware, creative students, with a knowledge of the importance of art and creativity in their future lives. Most importantly it gives students a different pathway to achieve their learning and show their understanding.

The basis of the Art curriculum is to teach students about famous artists and art movements as well as teaching them the skills of art, in a range of mediums. The curriculum is allocated a full day each half term. On this day students are immersed in an artist and their movement. Through this immersion they are shown different art pieces, their signature style and are given time to develop an understanding behind the message and meanings in art pieces.  Next the children plan their art work, being modelled and then practising vital skills in their allocated medium (which is rotated every half term). The students then go on to create a piece of art, either independently or in a group.  The day ends with children evaluating their work, giving them the opportunity to interpret their art as well as self-reflect on changes they could make in the future. This program gives the children a well-rounded arts education.

Useful Links:

  1. Art Project – A virtual collection of famous artwork from around the world

  1. MoMA – A virtual gallery of the Museum of Modern Art, Manhatten. Students can select artwork and learn about the artist and their history.

  1. The National Gallery – Create your own art work using shapes, lines and colours