Miss Donaldson

At St John the Baptist we aim to give our children a Science curriculum which enables them to explore and discover the world around them, resulting in a deeper understanding. Through this exploration and discovery, a curious and inquisitive nature will be fostered and our children develop a strong core skill set, such as problem solving, which will benefit them across the curriculum and within their future lives.

Throughout the school we have two main aims for Science learning. Firstly, we aim to provide our children with a thorough foundation in Scientific knowledge and skills that will support their successful transition into secondary school learning. Secondly, we aim to instil in the children a curiosity and enthusiasm for Science.

 Children study a broad range of scientific topics throughout their time at the school. Each year group will have blocks of Science learning during the year. Every topic will begin with a key question being posed to the children to encourage discussion and stimulate interest.

Within each topic, children will be ‘working scientifically’ and expanding their scientific vocabulary and subject knowledge. Through completing practical enquiries and exploring ideas children will be given the opportunity to develop a strong core skill set including: predicting, experimenting and evaluating. Within the children’s learning they will be encouraged to work collaboratively and communicate their ideas effectively whilst using a range of scientific language.

An essential aspect of Science is its practical nature. Alongside practical enquiries, classes will take part in trips, for example to the Natural History Museum and Hackney City Farm, and may be involved in Science workshops delivered by organisations visiting the school to stimulate further learning.

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