Hello, my name is Nnanna and I’m the Headboy of SJB. My name is Oladayo and I’m the Headgirl of SJB.  We enjoy our role of being the heads and take responsibilities at our school. We help teachers and students around the school; we also work with the prefects (Nana, Darren, Bilal, Lekara, Devonte, Vanessa and Chelsea) and vice heads (Esther and Jason). We help by setting up assemblies and doing requested jobs by teachers.

I’m Nana and I’m a prefect. My name is Vanessa and I am also a prefect. We like to help years 1-5 (and even year 6 sometimes) to make the correct choices and to solve any problems that might be brewing. To Reception and Nursery, we are the ‘Big Helpers’ and we are quite close to EYFS. These are just some of the jobs we do that make us appreciate our unique role here at SJB.