School Council

We are the school council. We work hard to represent you by putting forward your ideas and ways to help improve our school.  The playground has changed a lot because of us.  Now there’s more space for you to run about and it’s more friendly for everyone.  There wasn’t really anything fun before but things like Kingball are very popular.  We also got lots of other things we asked for, like the giant snakes and ladders and a quiet, grassy area.  We even have the rabbit and guinea pigs to play with in the playground now too.

We worked with our cook last term to improve school lunches.  We’re working with her now to improve our desserts.  We worked with Alyson to improve our breakfast club.  We now have a hot food option every day which includes pancakes sometimes!

We have met our governors twice this year already. We asked them lots of tricky questions like, “What do you do?”.  We also met our local MP, Meg Hillier, at the Houses of Parliament and asked her lots of tricky questions about Hackney.

We are:

School Council

Year 3 David & Michelle   Year 4 Ross, Naehevah & Danae

Year 5 Sally, Jason, Bruce & Uresa   Year 6 Lekara, Jason & Gold