SJB Disciples

We are the SJB Disciples! We are a group of year 5 and 6 children with a special task; our aim is to work together to spread the word of Jesus in our school. As a team we have many duties, and share lots of ideas on how to make religious education and collective worship the best it can be at St John the Baptist. We work mainly with the children at St John the Baptist, but we also work with the staff, parents, governors, and the church to help lead collective worship assemblies at school and church services too. We evaluate collective worship assemblies and actively promote our SJB Christian Beliefs.  Soon we are going to help develop a whole school prayer with help from children at our school.  You can see us below with the whole school prayer tree in the background.  We are…


Devonte (Hazel)

Eleanor (Hazel)

Nana (Plum)

Deborah (Chestnut)

Gold (Hazel)

Nathaniel (Plum)