Community Partners

The school has partnerships with a variety of organisations. We work closely with different groups to provide support for our pupils with their learning and out of school activities. 

Linklaters and Cass Volunteers 

Cass            Linklaters.svg

Cass and Linklaters are a group of volunteers from large corporations and universities in the city who come and read with our children in years 3 / 5 (Cass / Linklaters). The children are offered 1:1 reading support and guidance for 30 minutes every week. 

Ministry of Stories 


The Ministry of Stories, based in Hoxton Street, are a local writing and mentoring centre. Through their writing programmes and 1:1 mentoring, they help children explore their creative potential with the support of volunteers. They run an after school club and a Saturday club which many of our children belong to. We are an ambassador school for the Ministry of Stories and work in partnership with them for projects. Often, the children attend writing workshops at the Ministry of Stories to develop their writing and story-telling skills.



 beanstalk-logoBeanstalk are a national charity that provide 1:1 reading support for children who struggle with their reading ability and confidence. We have 3 volunteers who give their time for 3 x 90 minute slots during the week to work with children in Year 4 to support their reading and literacy.


Citizens UK


Citizens UK are a community organising group who work with different groups of people to promote social justice and working together. They meet with our school council regularly and as part of a recent project, have organised a listening campaign. They listen to the concerns and needs of those around them. The children have been developing their leadership skills and workings towards an ‘Action’, addressing concerns brought up during the campaign.