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Around the World

This week, Fig Tree Class has been learning about the Caribbean as part of their ‘Around the World’ topic. They have been reading a new story called ‘Lima’s Red Hot Chilli Pepper’. The story is about a girl called Lima who eats a chilli pepper and tries different foods to help her burning mouth.

We hadĀ one of our parentsĀ come in to talk to the children about the Caribbean and introduce them to some of the different foods mentioned in the story, such as red peppers, jelly, plantain and milk.

Collette, one of our school cooks, visited them to talk about Jamaica. They learnt about some traditional foods they eat in Jamaica and looked at pictures of beautiful beaches. Collette taught them a Jamaican nursery rhyme and they tasted some friend plantain. She also talked about the sugar cane factories in her hometown, Trelawney.