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British Science Week

Last week was British Science week and SJB had a jam-packed week full of experiments! We started off Science week with the whole school conducting a scientific investigation on fingerprints. They learnt that everyone has a unique fingerprint and how fingerprints are used in everyday lives. They also had an assembly where Alyson made a volcano using washing up liquid, sand and food colouring. 

Reception  explored the concept of density and how the liquids do not mix when they have different densities. As part of their experiment, they used food colouring, water and oil.

Year 1 went on a scavenger hunt in Shoreditch park to look at the properties of different plants in the wild. They found many types of flowers and enjoyed the afternoon being proper scientists.

Year 3 tested their DIY parachutes by using them to safely land an egg. The winning class were Rowan Tree!

Year 4 were learning about the water cycle. As part of their experiment, they created clouds using a plastic bottle, some matches and hot water.

Year 5 learnt about different kinds of forces. They investigated the effect of gravity on different sized teddy bears by throwing them off the roof. 

All in all, it was a very exciting week with lots of learning going on. 

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