Assessing Progress
We developed a curriculum at St John the Baptist which ensures children have a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding. Above all we try to ensure they enjoy their learning and make progress. Assessing how children progress against the requirements of the National Curriculum informs teacher planning.  

Children’s work is assessed both formally and informally at appropriate stages. Teachers use formative (ongoing) and summative (test scenarios) assessment. Teachers and support staff continuously monitor and evaluate children’s progress in all subjects through marking, feedback and observations. Children are encouraged to play an active part in assessing their own progress and setting targets.

We have developed a system of recording and analysing assessment information with our partner schools in the Primary Advantage Federation. It involves a series of Fundamentals which children are expected to meet by the end of each academic year. The Fundamentals are shared with all staff, children and parents and are referred to regularly. The Fundamentals currently cover the core subjects and science; they will soon cover RE and humanities too.     

We use Pupil Progress Meetings, year team and phase meetings to set appropriate work and to provide additional support if necessary. For more information on how the new measures for a pupil’s progress are calculated, please click here.

An overview of our approach to Assessment

2018 National Curriculum Tests – Information for Parents