Subject Overviews

We developed a currciulum at St John the Baptist which ensures children have a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding.  Above all we try to ensure they enjoy their learning and make progress.  Assessing how children progress against the requirements of the National Curriculum informs teacher planning.  

Our curriculum is designed to inspire and motivate pupils while providing for their academic, moral, physical, creative, personal and social development. Children learn through a careful balance of specific teaching programmes and a topic based approach.

From the Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 2 we recognise the importance of making links across the curriculum. Lessons are designed to ensure pupils acquire knowledge and skills and have opportunities to practice and apply their skills in a range of contexts. We encourage co-operative work, talk, discussion and above all, enjoyment as vehicles for learning in all subjects.

In maths, we have adpoted the Primary Advantage maths programme; in writing, we developed our own four phase approach based on quality texts; for reading, we devised a programme to help children become confident independent readers whilst also developing a love for reading – it includes daily guided reading, Success for All, one to one reading, story time and whole school book projects; RE (graded outstanding by the National Society on behalf of the LDBS) has been developed taking the best from several sources, including the LDBS; humanities, science and computing were all developed with our community in mind; music and sport is provided by an in-house specialist; Spanish is overseen by an in-house native speaker. You can view the national curriculum here.