English (Writing)

At St John the Baptist, we aim to give our children a writing curriculum which enables them to become confident, creative and independent writers who are able to transfer their skills throughout the curriculum and their lives. Our children can articulate their own ideas and all learning links pupils’ real life experiences, trips, high quality literature or film to provide a contextual and meaningful curriculum.

EYFS follow the Essentials English programme that depicts a structured, progressive reading and writing programme, linked to children’s topic and developments.

In KS1 and 2, children follow the national curriculum through a genre-mapped scheme devised by the school. It is text based and all texts are linked to the current topic curriculum. This gives children a broad base of knowledge, facts, vocabulary, real life experience and a context to base their writing on. Grammar is mapped by genre and year group, based on the new National Curriculum expectations. Spelling and handwriting sessions occur three times weekly on alternate days.

Writing sessions occur four times weekly and each session has its own focus and structure:

Day 1—Immersion—children are immersed in genre / text and find features

Day 2—Planning—children plan an example of the genre studied using the text as a base

Day 3—Writing—children write their first draft of the text they have planned

Day 4—Re-writing—children edit and improve their work, significantly changing one aspect of their first draft

Children are encouraged to ‘Publish’ their writing once a month for display within the classroom.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

Click here for outlines for fundamentals on SPaG for each year group

Year 1 Fundamentals SPaG

Year 2 Fundamentals SPaG

Year 3 Fundamentals SPaG

Year 4 Fundamentals SPaG

Year 5 Fundamentals SPaG

Year 6 Fundamentals SPaG

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