Our aim is to embed Spanish in our local community for the pupils to understand the purpose of learning a Modern Foreign Language. Learning a new language is key to becoming part of the global community we live in nowadays and by setting a starting point in Primary Education we can be on the right track to achieving this objective. The learning of a second language will help the children to be successful in their professional future and feel part of the wider society.  At this stage our objective is to build children’s curiosity and to develop passion about Spanish. We must provide the children with engaging and fun activities to develop their linguistics skills and build on their enthusiasm and engagement. This would begin in EYFS with informal lessons and educational games all the way to KS2, where the pupils will start to demonstrate an understanding of basic grammar and listening skills.

EYFS and KS1- The early introduction in EYFS will help us to develop the linguistics skills needed for the learning of another language and gain a positive attitude towards Spanish. Our little ones in EYFS have access to Spanish throughout the day as teachers take the register in Spanish and use Spanish greetings during the daily routine. Although the pupils in KS1 do not have statutory Spanish lessons, they have the opportunity to participate in our Spanish after school club and are involved in our Spanish events within the school.

KS2- Pupils in KS2 are provided with weekly lessons of 30 minutes. These lessons are planned cross circularly and follow the scheme of work the Learning Trust has provided.

The children are developing their knowledge through the 4 basic areas: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Understanding, giving children ample opportunities to practise their skills.

This is the second year Spanish has been taught at SJB and class teachers are building up the knowledge progressively to achieve the best level of development and ensuring there are no gaps in the children’s learning.

Useful links

Curriculum Overview 


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Rachel Hawkes:

Class teaching resource where you can find useful booklets to do at home with your child.


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