As a school with Christian values at its heart, SJB is passionate about RE. Through securely establishing our five core beliefs, we can demonstrate the idea of loving one’s neighbour as oneself throughout the life of the school. Children can clearly articulate how a belief might be shown, and can confidently make links between these and our studies in RE. Pupils are also encouraged to develop their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural understanding through his subject, by being given plenty of chance to discuss their ideas in relation to not just their own experiences and religious practices, but increasingly those of others, consistently promoting our British Values of tolerance and mutual respect. They are given plenty of opportunity throughout the school day to pray and reflect, and are regularly encouraged through a variety of mediums to write prayers of their own, be they about themselves, their community, or the wider world, and therefore developing their capacity to be outstanding global citizens.

RE teaching is inspirational and underpins the curriculum through our St John the Baptist Beliefs. Children spend two thirds of RE curriculum time learning about and from Christianity. They explore the teachings of Jesus through the PA Scheme of work adapted from  the HLT/ SACRE scheme of work. The remaining third is spent learning about the other 5 main world religions: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The religions are mapped out across the school to ensure appropriate coverage. As a Church of England School, RE is taught weekly for a minimum of 1 hour.

Each RE lesson follows a similar structure: Hook, introduction and teaching, independent activities, plenary and review. At the start of each new topic, children complete a ‘Big Book’ art or drama focused lesson which is recorded in the class Big Book. Each lesson, children are encouraged to think spiritually and ask questions. They articulate what they have learnt about religion (AT1) and from religion(AT2)  every session, applying their knowledge across religions to make links.

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