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Dragon’s Den

During Work Week, Year 6 set up their own small companies and came up with a new invention. These ranged from an expanding caravan, a multi-functional helmet and rucksack, an emergency pen, a massaging glove, a ‘style boutique’ APP, a solar-powered vacuum cleaner and a magic cleaning spray for your clothes, as well as many other imaginative ideas. Over the course of the week , the children learnt about the different stages and roles involved in setting up and running a new business, including writing a business plan and calculating costs. We had visitors from Google to help with our presentational skills and all of this culminated in the companies pitching their products to a panel of ‘Dragons’ on Friday afternoon. The children were competing for one of three awards: best presentation, best investment, best teamwork. The Dragons were so impressed with both the children’s ideas and presentations and they found it very hard to choose winners (even choosing a second ‘Best Investment’).          

  •   Best Presentation went to Clean Fast (Jonathan O, Daniel, Katia and Andre) – the vacuum cleaner
  • Best Teamwork went to The Fashion Experts (Kate, Jadyn, Benny and Damilola) – style boutique APP
  • Best Investment went to The Business Kids (Nana, Jonathan S, Enrique and Emmanuel) – the emergency pen
  •  Best Investment went to Perfect Products (Gimel, Neny, Rebecca and Nmeso) – the massaging glove

Well done to everyone for taking part and working so co-operatively with each other.

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