We see good behaviour as a means of ensuring all members of the school community feel safe and happy and we take a positive approach to supporting children in developing good behaviour and attitudes. We teach our children about their rights but we take care to ensure that they also understand their responsibilities.

Great to be Green
At St John the Baptist we follow a behaviour policy called ‘Great to be Green’. All pupils have the opportunity to make positive choices about their behaviour and influence their outcomes. There is a clear and simple system of rewards and sanctions. It is followed consistently. Pupils who regularly follow the rules are noticed and rewarded. At St John the Baptist we believe that every member of our school community has a responsibility to teach children socially acceptable behaviour. Teachers and parents model positive behaviour.

Stars of the Week

Every week, one pupil from each class is chosen by their class teacher as the Star of the Week. This is a pupil who demonstrates the SJB beliefs and who has made progress throughout the week, whether it be in their learning or their behaviour. Each child is awarded a certificate signed by their teacher along with a Star of the Week pencil.

If you would like to find out more about behaviour within the school, you can view our pupil discipline policy.