General Information

We know that the most successful education takes place when parents, carers, staff and governors all work together. Parents and carers can be involved with the whole school community in a variety of ways from supporting fundraising events to attending curriculum forums to supporting with homework. The school communicates in a variety of ways including: Fortnightly newsletters, a texting service, Twitter, Marvellous Me, letters, meetings, telephone calls, posters and flyers. If you would like paper copies of any of the information on the school website, please come to the school office and it will be printed for you.

If you have a concern regarding your child(ren) you should speak first to the teacher, Joy Salmon (Pastoral Care Manager) or Monique DeNapoli (Deputy Headteacher). If you are unhappy with the response please contact the Headteacher, Toni Mason, through the school office. You can further proceed to contact who will forward your response to the Executive Principal. If these discussions do not resolve the concern, please visit the making a complaint section of the Hackney Learning Trust website.

Snow/Bad Weather and School closure
All efforts will be made to open the school on all normal school days – even when we have snow and other adverse weather conditions. If the school is not going to open due to either weather or an unforeseen event, a decision will be made by 7.30am and information posted on the school and Local Authority websites.  If possible, a text message will also be sent to all families and a notice will be posted on our Twitter account.

Raining collection

If it is ‘light rain’ children will be collected from the playground in their usual collection points. If torrential rain, children will be collected from the following:

  • Nursery and Reception – from class as usual
  • Y1 and Y2 from the dining hall
  • Y3—both classes from Y3 Rowan class
  • Y6 and Y5 from entrance staircase
  • Y4 from middle staircase

In the event of the school not opening parents will be kept informed via:

  1. The school website.
  2. Text messages will be sent (Please ensure your mobile contact details are up to date).
  3. The Hackney Learning Trust website.
  4. Twitter notifications.

In the event of weather deteriorating during the day leading to closure of the school:

  1. Permission for pupils to go home will be sought from parents (Please ensure your contact details are up to date).
  2. Texts will be sent out to parents. (Please ensure your mobile contact details are up to date.)
  3. Information will be published on the school website.

If there is an enforced closure of the school and children are unable to gain permission to go home provision will be made to supervise those pupils until they can be collected at 3.30pm. In the event of bad weather the telephones are likely to be very busy and it is strongly recommended that you access the school website which will be regularly updated.

Late Collection Policy
Please click here to read a copy of our late collection policy.