School Meals

School Breakfast & Lunch
We are a healthy school and encourage all pupils to make healthy meal choices. School meals are available for all children in the school and include a vegetarian option. Children can bring a healthy packed lunch, which is eaten in the hall with the other children when school dinners are served. Packed lunches must not contain crisps, sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks. A healthy packed lunch should contain a sandwich, a piece of fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and a bottle of water. School dinners are free for all children.

Cereals, toast and fruit are always supplemented with a hot option in breakfast club.  Breakfast club costs £1.50 per day or £7.50 per week.

Snacks in after school child care include fruit juice and a healthy sandwich or roll.

Our menus are on a 3-week rota. Please click on the following links to see what is being served this term. If you would like paper copies, please ask at the school office.

School Lunch Menu
Breakfast Menu

Fruit is provided for all children in EYFS and KS1 during the mid-morning break.

Please note that the school and playgrounds are a crisp, sweet and chewing-gum free zone.

Is your child eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant?
Parents in receipt of Income Support or Working Tax Credit may be eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant. The school office provides information on this and any discussion will be treated as strictly confidential.

Based on data obtained from the DfE, London schools served by LGfL, are missing out on a total of about £50m in unclaimed Pupil Premium. To simplify the process by which a parent checks for free school meals eligibility, LGfL has worked in collaboration with the DfE, local authorities and supply partner, Atomwide.  They have created an eligibility checking web site which provides an immediate response to a parent’s application and also notifies the school of eligibility, allowing the school to make arrangements for meal provision and pupil premium. You can check the LGfL website here.

The total Pupil Premium paid out in respect of each school is determined by the number of known FSM-eligible pupils at the time of the DfE census return – October 2018. Following testing and pilot use, the new eligibility-checker web site at is now live.

Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) is applicable to all children in Reception and KS1 (Years 1 & 2) across the country. Currently all of our children receive free school meals. Only at St John the Baptist do Years 3-6 receive free school meals provided for by the school, not the Local Authority.

Please follow the link for more information on how to check your eligibility for free school meals Free School Meals and the Pupil Premium information.

Hackney Learning Trust – Free School Meals eligibility