The School Day

School starts at 8.45 a.m. Children should not arrive earlier than this unless they are attending Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club begins at 8.00am. Our main gate is situated at the bottom of Crondall Street. Punctual arrival in the mornings mean children get the most out of the school day. Learning starts as soon as children enter their classroom with Guided Reading. Being punctual also helps children value being on time for important events, ensures they feel fully involved with the school day and avoids disruption for the rest of the class. 

Children’s attendance is monitored carefully and the school works with the Local Authority and families when there are concerns about attendance. If children are absent from school for any reason parents must call the office on 020 7739 4902 ext 0 to report their absence before 9.00am. If we have not had any information regarding a child’s absence, our Pastoral Care Manager will attempt to contact parents and carers. More information for our absence procedures can be found under our Attendance & Holidays page.

If children fall ill during the day, the school will telephone parents or nominated carers as soon as possible. Please ensure you keep the school informed if your contact numbers change.

Children are not expected to come to school unless they are 100% fit. It is unfair on both the child and their classmates if they are not fit to take part in all the activities of the school day.

No child should come to school within 24 hours of having had an upset stomach or vomiting.

Our School Assemblies are held every day from 09:00 am – 09:20. Parents are regularly invited to come along to our shared assemblies which are held on a Tuesday morning and monthly church services. Please keep an eye on our newsletter and website for dates of Assemblies and Church services.

The school day ends at 3.30 pm. Parents/Carers must collect the children from the playground and must not enter the main school building unless escorted by a member of staff.  When you have collected your child(ren), please remember they are your responsibility and we ask that you do not allow them to play on the school equipment.  The main gate opens at 3.30 pm. Please click here to read a copy of our late collection policy.

Below is an example of our weekly timetable: