Online Safety

Keeping ourselves safe on the internet is very important. One of the things which helps us to stay safe all year round is our team of Digital Leaders.  Our Digital Leaders are a fantastic asset to the school community. A Digital Leader is a pupil who is part of a Digital Leaders Team within a school. Their role is to support the use and further the development of ICT in schools. With technology advancing at such a fast rate, it is hard to keep up with change. Find out more about us in the Pupil Voice section.

We do lots of activities at St John the Baptist to help us stay safe.  For example, we have annual online safety week. During online safety Week, we held a parent workshop where we discussed how to be safe on social media and how to be safe online. All parents who attended the workshop said they found the session very useful! This year during Online Safety week, we participated in supporting Safer Internet Day. 

Safer Internet Day 2017

We created posters to promote online safety within the school. We take part in lots of activities including asking questions and creating characters. The aims of the week are for us to understand how to make the right decisions about what we look at, who we talk to and what we might post about ourselves and others on the internet. We also came up with our own song which we played for everyone in assembly. It was great fun. Click the icon below to hear our e-safety song:

Written by Maame and Elisa (Year 5 – Digital Leaders)