Learning At Home

If you are an adult and you are on this section of the website, we suppose you are concerned about your child.  If you are a child, we suspect you clicking on this page was a huge mistake or there was a dream that scared you in to liking homework.  Either way, let us tell you the benefits of homework.  Children, you may hate homework, but it’s actually good for you.  If you didn’t know, adults, it helps children consolidate their learning.  So, children, adults, please do your homework!  You will find some useful resources on the leaflet below plus, have a look at the fundamentals that we use for our learning!

Written by children from year six who wished to remain anonymous in case the homework monster found them.

Online Resource Leaflet for Parents

Maths Fundamentals Y1-Y6

Writing Fundamentals Y1-Y6

Reading Fundamentals Y1-Y6