Hi, we are Erencan and Keira – Head Boy and Head Girl. We are both in Year 6. We have responsibilities within the school such as assisting in assemblies, supervising the other children and making sure our fellow SJB pupils are safe and sound. Being Head of the Prefects is an amazing experience because we enjoy getting to know everyone in our school. We represent the school by being role models. We work with the deputy heads (Caleb and Melinda) and the other prefects (Jazmine, Jason, Bartu, Onyi, Deborah, Sila, Uresa & Preston) to make sure everyone has a great time at SJB. 









Hello, we are Caleb and Melinda, the Deputy Head Boy and Girl. Our job in the school is to help the Head Boy and Head Girl, the teachers and the pupils. We have to be great role models for the school and represent it well. We help set up for assemblies, do jobs for the teachers and assist Joy at play time. Also, we help the other prefects with their jobs. We love our roles because we have lots of responsibilities and have the opportunity to help the school in as many ways as we can.