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Across the school, all classes have been reading the story ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. In the story, a little girl named Rosie is bored as her family are too busy to play with her. Rosie draws a magical door that takes her to a different place. The children have been using their imagination to think about what could be behind the door.

In Fig Tree Class, the children imagined meeting a fierce dragon, a beautiful princess, spider-man, mermaids and more! The children decorated their own magical doors and were able to give meaning to the marks they made. They visited different countries as their topic is ‘Around the World’. They visited Columbia, where Matilde shared some photos and taught the children some words in Spanish. They then imagined that they were on a lovely hot beach. They made passports, booked tickets at the Fig Tree Travel Agency and role played that they were flying in an aeroplane. They had a boarding pass with a seat number which they had to match the numbers to their seat. It really helped with their Maths lesson.

Afterwards, they visited China. Emily’s mum came in to teach children a lovely song in Mandarin and shared a video of a recent festival of the flowers. The children enjoyed picking up noodles with real chopsticks and imagined that they walked on the Great Wall of China. Vera spoke to the children about Ghana and they learnt about the culture and food from Ghana. They loved the African songs and the drumming. They also dressed up with some Kente cloth. It was a busy week for Nursery!