Governors / Local Advisory Board

The Primary Advantage Federation has a Central Governing Board with representatives from all eight schools. Each school has a Local Advisory Board (LAB) that meets at least three times a year and supports the Headteacher and Executive Principal in making strategic decisions that will improve outcomes for pupils. Each LAB reports to the full governing board once a term. Our LAB includes representatives from our parents, staff and community.

The LAB meet regularly to support and challenge the school to continue to provide children with a high quality education. They look at outcomes for all pupils at St John the Baptist and at how well children are doing compared to children nationally. They also receive finance reports, health and safety reports, curriculum reports and help the school to make decisions that will benefit the school community. Governors_Image

The governors have 3 core strategic functions which are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

They aim to achieve these aims by being involved in setting and reviewing the School Development Plan (SDP) and seeking to ensure that there are high expectations for everyone in the school community; continuing to appoint a Church school link committee member to liaise closely with the Church and RE leaders within the school to ensure that the Christian ethos of the school is at the forefront of school life; ensuring there are skilled and committed members on the LAB who are willing to support and challenge the school’s leadership team; listening to, seeking advice from and act on the views of stakeholders, including the Church.

These aims will be reviewed at the LAB meetings, through link visits, parent meetings & surveys, annual review of the SDP and evaluation of the impact of the LAB. Future plans for the the LAB is to continue to ensure that the skills of the members reflect the needs of the school and its community through training and careful recruitment of new members.

Annual Report

1. Strategy As the Local Advisory Board we have articulated the values which will support the development of the whole child. These are expressed within the school’s mission statement and beliefs. We have set high expectations of everyone within the school community.
2. Performance

We have continued to identify and exploit opportunities to benefit from the Primary Advantage Federation, whether in terms of shared expertise or additional financial support.

We have sought to ensure that the level and quality of challenge for ourselves and the senior leadership is maintained and enhanced. Where necessary we have sought training to enable us to do our job to the best of our abilities. We have overseen the implementation of a new assessment system, sought training in the new system and conducted rigorous analysis of the data available to ensure that targets are challenging but realistic. Our link committee member roles cover all aspects of school life.

As committee members we have ensured the level and quality of rigour and challenge for ourselves and the senior leadership is maintained and enhanced. We have conducted rigorous analysis of data, both external and internal, and ensure attainment targets are challenging but realistic. Our link committee member roles address all aspects of school life.

3. Budget We have managed the budget effectively with due regard to best financial practice, including having a dedicated Finance Link Committee member who has the experience to question & hold to account those making financial decisions. This has enabled us to be responsive and flexible to any unforeseen needs that might arise. We have identified funding for capital works to improve the school environment and to make it the best learning environment possible. We have also kept the school’s staffing structure under review to ensure that it works best for both pupils and staff.
4. Challenge and Support

We have received regular reports from the Headteacher and the SIP and have challenged the school’s progress towards achieving improvement. We have continued to identify opportunities to engage the school community, in particular parents and carers, to ensure better outcomes for pupils. We have also sought support from external agencies, eg. Beanstalk to provide additional support to those children who need it.

We take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously and audit the processes to ensure:

  • Safe recruitment practice
  • DBS up to date and audited
  • No child slips through the net
  • The school is a safe, physical environment.
5. Summary In addition to our statutory remit, committee members seek to be involved in and engage with the life of the school as a whole. The school has been recognised as outstanding in its most recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAMS) assessment.

Central Governing Board – Governors

Governors Type
John Clark Chair – Foundation
Sian Davies Executive Principal
Gwen Gutzmore LDBS
Donna Thomas Local Authority
Anna Case Staff
Arnette Frederick Foundation
Andrew Bedford Foundation
Reverend Graham Hunter Foundation
Ralph Eliot Foundation
Heather Rockhold Foundation
Melissa McIntyre Parent
Nina Pope Parent
Bridget Fagan Foundation
Francesca Vinelott Foundation
Rob Adediran Foundation

For further information on our Central Governing Board, including their business and pecuniary interests, please click here.

Our Local Area Board

Governors Link area
 Toni Mason (Headteacher)
 Georgia Habanananda (Staff) Health and Safety
 Larre Olajide Parental Engagement
 Reverend Graham Hunter SEND, Safeguarding and Finance
Imogen Slazenger Teaching and Learning
Amy Gray Curriculum and RE
Sri Bhattacharyya Pupil Premium and Sports Premium
Rob Adediran

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