Our Church

As a Church of England school, we have Christian teaching built into our curriculum and assemblies. Our aim is to help children to achieve a knowledge and understanding of religious insights, beliefs and practices, so that they are able to continue in, or come to, their own beliefs and respect the right of other people to hold beliefs different from their own.

Links with the Church 
The school enjoys an active partnership with the local parish church, St John’s Hoxton. The church hosts and supports the school in a variety of ways e.g. school community members are included in weekly prayer meetings, a monthly school church service, weekly church led assemblies and activities for World Religion Day. There is a clear programme of Church services devised collaboratively to recognise key aspects of the Christian calendar and to deliver Biblical teachings in a special environment. We visit the church for services every month and hold other special events at the church, such as choir recitals and important Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter.

School Chaplain  
Ruth Cant, our school chaplain, is also the children’s minister at the church. She works with us each week to develop our Collective Worship overview.  She also delivers assemblies and acts of collective worship, runs Godly Play sessions, leads our Christian Union and Philosophy for Children club.  She delivers discrete lessons on topics such as Christingle, the Trinity and Easter. The vicar of St John’s is also regularly involved in school life – he leads assemblies, delivers workshops such as Grill the Vicar and hosts the children for sessions at the church.

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