Parent Forum

The St John the Baptist Parent Forum are parents who have volunteered to be the voice for parents and carers within the school community. At the beginning of the year, a number of parents put themselves forward and now make up the Parent Forum. 

Their Role:

Parent Forum Members: Vera, Mary, Sharon, Rosalind, Oz and Sandra

The Parent Forum have the role of promoting contact and communication between the school, parents and the wider community. Our Senior Leadership Team have developed a good relationship with parents and carers and together they are working to encourage and facilitate supporting parents and children both at home and at school. 

As part of the SJB team, regular, open communication and consultation is highly valued. The parent forum aims to represent the values and vision of our school as well as the views of all parents. They are to be a parent voice who help to inform our school of the needs of children and families. It facilitates communication between parents/carers, staff, SLT and governors.

The forum works to provide feedback on provision, offer a parent’s perspective on current policy and practice and input into decision making and planning for future provision. Through the forum we hope to utilize the skills and experience of our parents, they help to encourage more parents to become involved with the school and assist in making a difference to the children’s learning. They are a very welcome and important addition to the SJB team.