School Streets Proposal

In September 2016, primary schools in Hackney were invited to apply to take part in piloting a new scheme called “School Streets”, where the road outside the school is temporarily closed to traffic during school opening and closing times. Thirteen schools, including St John the Baptist, expressed their interest in participating and we were selected to take part. We believe that School Streets offers the opportunity to address the ongoing road safety issues that the school has been experiencing at school opening and closing times.

By encouraging walking, cycling park & stride and using public transport to travel to school, we hope to create a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone using the street whilst maintaining access for residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists.

The School Streets trial was implemented in early June 2017. This meant that Crondall Street became a pedestrian and cyclist only zone between 8.30 am and 9.15 am and again between 3.15 pm to 4:00 pm.

Parents are not able to drive into Crondall Street from Pitfield Street.  Signage informs drivers of the restrictions at the entrance to Crondall Street and cameras automatically issue a fixed penalty notice to non-permitted vehicles entering the street during the times of operation. 

We will be asking parents to think about how they make the journey to school and whether they can make changes to the way they travel. Parents who continue to drive to school will be asked to park and complete the last part of their journey on foot.

If you would like more information regarding the matter, please click here for the Hackney Council website or alternatively, you can contact the school office on 0207 739 4902.