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Respect the Zebra Pitstop

On Wednesday, the school council continued their petition for safer crossing on Pitfield Street by hosting a ‘Respect the Zebra Pitstop’. Working with Hackney Citizens UK and St John’s Church Hoxton, the aim was to stop cyclists en-route to home or work on Pitfield Street. They asked cyclists to complete a short questionnaire which promoted considerate behaviour at a zebra crossing. The pitstop was held in St John’s garden. They managed to speak to many cyclists, asking them about safer cycling. 

After half-term, on Thursday 7th June, Years 1-6 will be dismissed from St John’s Church gardens to further promote the petition, at 3:30 pm. There will be a stage and we will be joined by students from Randall Cremer and St Monica’s Primary School. Please join us to support the petition.