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Safer Streets Demonstration

Our School Council took part in a mini-demonstration yesterday after school on Pitfield Street as part of their work with Hackney Citizens UK. Throughout the year, the School Council have been working with Citizens UK to carry out their own listening campaign. They have begun a petition to increase the safety surrounding the zebra crossing on Pitfield Street. The zebra crossing is busy during the times when children are travelling to and from school, with cyclists not always allowing pedestrians to cross. 

The demonstration involved the children, who wore black and white clothing as they requested to dress up as zebras, to stop cyclists and demand they cycle slowly, allowing pedestrians to cross. They were joined by Caitlin Burbridge from Citizens UK who has been working closely with the School Council to promote the proposal. The children will also be working with her to design their own ‘Cycle Slowly’ sign which will be used on Pitfield Street. 


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