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Stars of the Week – w.c. 20th and 27th June

Our Stars of the Week from EYFS and KS1 on the week commencing 20th June were:

Taicien, Elifsu, Fiona, Faith, Rita, Osato and Ilgin

KS1 SOW 240616

For KS2, they were:

Dilan, Kate, Andre, Taya, Keira, Estelle, Joshua and Cavera

KS2 SOW 240616

For the week commencing the 27th June, our Stars of the Week were:

Daniel, Deshaun, Katia, Christella, Cairo, Tommy, Angel, Josiah, Alfie, Toluwani, Akinbaire, Drey and Sinbad

SOW 010716

Congratulations to all of you!