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Year 5 Cycle Training

Willow and Chestnut classes participated in cycle training sessions for a week with Cycle Confident. Initially, they began with lessons in the school playground, but once they were confident enough, they were riding out on the streets. They learnt not just how to ride a bike but also how to stay safe when cycling on the streets and how to look after their bikes. At the end, they all completed their Level 1 Cycle Training and received certificates. Well done to: 

Uchenna, Winston, Jason, Ricco, Daisy and Aaliyah from Chestnut Tree Class and Emmanuel, Sally, Jas-Mya, Esther, Erencan, Bartu, Sudenaz, Joshua, Gabriella and Ruya from Willow Tree Class.

 Cycle Training Spring 1  Cycle Training Spring 2