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Zebra Crossing Demo

Before the Christmas holidays, our school council worked with Caitlin Burbridge from Hackney Citizens UK to petition for a crossing patrol officer. They held a demonstration near the zebra crossing on Pitfield Street, which is currently unsupervised during the mornings and afternoons when children are travelling to and from school. The school council wanted to stress the importance of needing a crossing patrol officer as it has become dangerous with cars and cyclists not always stopping to allow pedestrians to cross safely.

Prior to the demonstration, the school council met with Caitlin to organise the petition. On the morning, they arrived early for school to head down to Pitfield Street with Miss DeNapoli and Caitlin. They stood on the pavement, singing a revised version of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ and asking passers-by to sign the petition. They collected many signatures and are hoping Hackney Council will agree to their request for a crossing patrol officer.